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脳波買い取り〼 We buy brain waves.




BWTCは、目には見えないさまざまなデータが無意識に取引される現代で、情報の価値について考え、新たな取引の形を模索するための作品です。 2022年7月30日(土)から8月7日(日)までアーツ千代田3331で開催された「BWTC Trade Week」では、期間中に来場者から実際に脳波データを買い取り、そのデータ群から独自のアルゴリズムを用いて絵画を生成し、展示・販売を行いました。 BWTC is a work to think about the value of information and to explore new forms of trade in this day and age when various types of data, invisible to the eye, are unconsciously traded. During the "BWTC Trade Week" held*, We purchased brain wave data from visitors during the period. Using a proprietary algorithm, we generated paintings from the data set, then exhibited and sold them.
*at 3331 Arts Chiyoda from July 30 (Sat.) to August 7 (Sun.), 2022,

  • Project Design:Mitsuyo Demura
  • Creative Director:Dai Miyata
  • Technical Director:Yasuhiro Ogino
  • Curator:Kaito Nagano
  • Product Designer:Atsuro Miyako
  • Creative Engineer:Kyosuke Saito
  • Frontend Engineer:Tomoaki Tamai
  • Videographer:Yusuke Maekawa
  • Web Designer:Atsushi Kurosaki
  • Product Engineer:Keita Miyashita