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ゆらぎかべ Breathing Wall


Art / Device / Backend

Official Site https://tou.tokyo/

このプロトタイプはパナソニックとの共同研究組織「Aug Lab」の活動を通して制作しました。
This wall reacts to the wind from the atmosphere outside and transforms them into natural waves.By just letting yourself go in its billowing waves, it naturally facilitates the thought process, providing a calm space to contemplate.

  • Project Leader : Takashi Ando (Panasonic)
  • Creative Director : Mitsuyo Demura (Konel)
  • Creative Technologist : Kenji Jones (Konel)
  • Hardware Engineer : KinmiraiGakki (Freelancer)
  • Back-end Engineer : Toru Takata (Konel)
  • Material Specialist : Tadatoshi Nakanishi (Panasonic)
  • Brand Designer : Dai Miyata (Konel)
  • Video Designer : Jay Jung (Konel)
  • Web Engineer : Takashi Shirae