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Walk Green Walk Green

立とう。歩こう。水をやろう。 Stand. Walk. Water.


IoT device self-developed by IIT intern in India who claimed office workers getting back pain from sitting too long is a global issue.
Urged to water the plants, office workers will walk. Effective than notifying to simply exercise.
The LINE stamp auto-posted in office group chat implements emotional expression of plants dying when they are left alone.

  • Planner : Apruva Baggat / Theresia Gloria / Duy Nguyen
  • Hardware Engineer : Duy Nguyen
  • Technical Director : Yasuhiro Ogino
  • Back-end Engineer : Tomoaki Tamai
  • Back-end Engineer : BTree
  • Product Designer : Kenji Jones
  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura