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サイバー和菓子 Cyber Wagashi


Art / Device / Design / Movie / Frontend / Backend

Official Site http://www.open-meals.com/cyberwagashi/index.html

「寿司テレポーテーション」「寿司シンギュラリティ」といった未来的コンセプトで世界の評判を得たフードテック・プロジェクト OPEN MEALS(オープンミールズ)に参画し、超未来型レストラン構想に向けた取り組みとして、気象データをもとに成形した、実食できる「サイバー和菓子」の制作を担当しました。 六本木ヒルズのレストランTHE MOON(ザ ムーン)がMedia Ambition Tokyo 2020の一環として実食提供します。 We had participated in food tech project called OPEN MEALS in which we produced edible Cyber Wagashi. Cyber Wagashi were formed by 3D printer that uses a proprietary algorithm developed based on weather data. Due to the change in climate and urban lifestyle, today we can no longer sense the four seasons like we used to before. Cyber Wagashi, which change their shape and color depending on the wind speed, air pressure and temperature, allow us to see, eat and enjoy Tokyo sky each day. As a part of Media Ambition Tokyo 2020, THE MOON, a restaurant in Roppongi will served Cyber Wagashi.

Photo by Shinji Minami
  • Total Produce : OPEN MEALS
  • Technical Director : Yasuhiro Ogino
  • Creative Director : Miyata Dai
  • Creative Technologist : Kenji Jones
  • Creative Engineer : Kyosuke Saito
  • Engineer : Takashi Shirae
  • Frontend Engineer : Toshinobu Nakashima
  • Photographer : Yusuke Maekawa
  • Designer : Jay Jung
  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura
  • Film Editer : Takayuki Onishi(Freelancer)