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見過ごす「美」にしおりをはさむメガネ Glasses that put a bookmark for the “beauty” moments that you overlook


Konel/知財図鑑とNEC未来創造会議が共同で考えたアイデアの一つである妄想プロジェクト「SHUTTER Glass」を、大阪大学大学院医学系研究科認知行動科学 内藤智之講師の心的テンプレートを応用して共同研究し、試作開発しました。今回の試作では、絵画の好みから美しさの心的テンプレートを生成して、その人が美しいと推察される花を提示するデモンストレーションを実装しました。 私たちの身の回りには、たくさんの美しい現象が存在しています。しかし、情報量がさらに飛躍する社会では、日常の中に存在する「美しさ」に目を止めることが難しくなっています。 SHUTTER Glassは、持ち主の「美」の感性に基づき、見過ごしている美しい現象をクリップする未来のメガネ型デバイスです。SHUTTER Glassがあることで、忙しい日常でも身近にある自然の美しさや、他者の行動に自分自身で気づくきっかけを与えてくれるでしょう。 As a new network in the "Beyond 5G era," the NEC Future Creation Forum proposed the idea of an "Experience Net" that delivers not only information but also experiences. Konel, Chizaizukan Inc., and the NEC Future Creation Forum co-developed and visualized the idea of "SHUTTER Glass" from this vision of the future, we jointly researched and developed an actual prototype of "SHUTTER Glass" by applying the mental template of Professor Tomoyuki Naito, Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine. In this prototype, we created a "mental template of beauty" based on the taste of a painting, and implemented a demonstration that presents flowers that a person would find beautiful. There are many beautiful phenomena around us. However, in a society with increasing amounts of information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep eyes on the “beauty” that exists in our daily lives. SHUTTER Glass is a glasses-shaped device of the future that captures overlooked beautiful phenomena based on the sensibility of the owner’s “beauty”. With SHUTTER Glass, you will have the opportunity to notice the beauty of nature and human behavior around you, even in our busy daily life.

  • Project Owner:Katsuhiko Okamoto, Toshio Koide, Tetsuhiro Yamada (NEC Future Creation Project)
  • Collaborate with:Tomoyuki Naito / Atsuya Suzuki (Osaka University)、Yasuharu Watanabe(MaiND Lab)
  • Producer:Mitsuyo Demura(Konel)
  • Technical Director:Yasuhiro Ogino(Konel)
  • Project Manager/UX Designer:Natsumi Kato(Konel)
  • Art Director / Designer:Andraditya Respati(Konel)
  • Engineer:Jay Jung(Konel)
  • Product Designer (Cradle) :Gakki
  • Product Designer (Table) :Ryusei Sato / Kenshi Yokoyama(Konel)
  • Video Director:Soto Manabe(Konel)
  • Web Engineer:Sachiko Aoki(BTree)
  • Programmer (Cradle) :Uematsu Nanami