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伝統から未来を生み出すサステナブルプロダクト Sustainable products that create the future through tradition.



"QUON(クオン)"は繊維廃材を素材とすることから、従来の木下駄よりも足音が静かで、カラフルなテクスチャーはファッションとしての楽しみを拡張します。また、すり減った歯を交換できる構造で作られており、履き続けることで繊維リサイクル率向上に貢献できます。 The "QUON" clogs are made from fiber waste, making them more silent than traditional wooden clogs, and the colorful texture extends the fashionable enjoyment of the clogs. The clogs are also constructed in a way that worn-out teeth (sole part) can be replaced, and continue to be worn while increasing the fiber recycling rate.

  • Material : RIFMO / PANECO
  • Producer + Product Designer : Atsuro Miyako (Konel)
  • Designer : Andraditya Respati (Konel)
  • Frontend Engineer : Hiroshi Suzuki (Konel)
  • Product Designer : Kenshi Yokoyama (Konel)
  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura (Konel)