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Pioneer Club5 Pioneer Club5

空間に、音と光でグルーブを。 Make your space groove with light and sound

Movie / Branding

Pioneerが開発した、迫力あるサウンドと、その音に合わせてライトが変化するスピーカー「Club5」のプロモーションムービー制作。 We produced a promotional video for the Club5 one-box audio system developed by Pioneer which has Rave and Chill LED illumination modes to enhance the mood by working in sync with the music.

  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura
  • Art Director : Dai Miyata
  • Movie Camera : Yusuke Maekawa
  • Assistant Director : Hiroto Saito
  • Coordinator : Ryo Arai
  • Still Camera : Kazunobu Yamada (Studio LUSH LIFE)
  • Audio : Notsu Shoko (Azbond)
  • Agency : Makuake