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爆音オセロ Roaring Othello

音と光で盛り上がる新型オセロ New with sound and light


Official Site https://link.medium.com/RinxqmdOIU

インターネット接続が不要のスタンドアロンデバイスであるため、BARなどでの個別展開も可能。(SXSW 2018に出展)
Prototype hacking sound sampler with a Python to enjoy Othello dynamically, designed for all ages.
The players wears headphone, they are then divided into red and blue. The sound effects correlates to the win/lose progression.
A stand alone device, Internet connection unneeded, usable at bars. In SXSW 2018.

  • Creative Technologist : Kenji Jones
  • Technical Director : Yasuhiro Ogino
  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura