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大喜利印刷 Magic Post

誰かの「つぶやき」に、印刷屋さんがこたえました。 The printers answer to tweets.

Branding / Produce / Communication Design / Movie / Frontend

Official Site https://oogiri-insatsu.com/

By tweeting our “desires,” the scrap materials used for printing magically turn into a new product.
An experimental and creative unit “CMYK” organized from four Japanese printing companies requested that people submit their desires on Twitter. This movement was led by small companies seeking to resolve the market shrinkage in the printing industry, and their idea was to develop new products with scrap materials used for printing. People can buy ideas for 5 yen.

  • Producer : Mitsiuyo Demura
  • Creative Director + Designer : Dai Miyata
  • Frontend Engineer : Tomoaki Tamai
  • Video Grapher : Masaki Ueda(Bascule)
  • Video Grapher : Yusuke Maekawa(Freelancer)
  • Film Editer : Takayuki Onishi(Freelancer)