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NO-ON 無言の茶室 NO-ON tea room with no words

言葉ハ有限、感情ハ無限。 Words are finite, Emotions are infinite.

Art / Device / Movie / Frontend / Backend

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文化的背景が強い茶道の場で “脳波から生み出される音楽によって、感情の揺れ動きを表現する” 実験を、1 人の亭主と 12 名の客人と共に行いました。
Emotions cannot always be expianed with words.
When these complex feelings well up within us, how can we express them?
We chose the powerful silence of the traditional japanese tea house as our setthing.
Listening to the music of the mind,we found a way to convey these enigmatic feelings.

  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura
  • Director : Dai Miyata
  • Assistant Director : Hiroto Saito
  • Videographer : Kotaro Matsushima (Freelance)
  • Asahiyaki : Matsubayashi Hosai XVI
  • Music Direction : Wataru Iwata (Objet a / Konel )
  • Sound Designer : Akimasa Yamada
  • Creative Engineer : Hironobu Nakamura