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脳が生み出す、音を聞く。 Intrinsic Music

Art / Device / Movie / Frontend / Backend

Official Site https://no-on.jp/ Official Site https://no-on.jp/en/

(MUTEK JP 2018 @日本科学未来館にて発表)
Could there be times in which we experience emotions that can’t be expressed with words?
For example, the sunset that repeats itself the same way everyday suddenly tugs at your heart.
The word “sorrow” alone doesn’t describe the feeling, or more so, no words seem to describe the feeling.
In moments like this, what would happen if we were able to release these emotions as music using our brainwaves?
What would happen if you obtained a way to express and share your emotions to others?
NO-ON is an interactive art piece built to allow us to think about this simple question.

  • Planning・Development
  • Konel + objet α
  • Chief Producer :Mitsuyo Demura (Konel)
  • Music Direction / System Designer :Wataru Iwata(objet α / Konel)
  • Creative Director :Dai Miyata (Konel)
  • Technical Director :Yasuhiro Ogino (Konel)
  • Creative Technologist :Kenji Jones (Konel)
  • Producer :Tatsuya Sato (Konel)

  • Technical Collaborators
  • Video Director/VFX Designer :Kota Uehira (PLANEON)
  • Generative Designer :Hironobu Nakamura
  • Music/System Designer:Akimasa Yamada
  • Engineer : Trent Brooks

  • Visual Artists
  • Shuji Hirai
  • Masaki Ueda
  • Koji Furuta
  • Reiji Isoi(Heliographie)
  • Jyunki Mine