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仕事や食事といった日常生活の数々が自宅で完結できるようになり、 帰省や観光など遠方での非日常的体験もデジタルに代替される流れは加速していくかもしれません。 物理的な移動が減ることにより “人と地域とのつながり” が希薄化していく未来に、新たな関係性の形を問いかけます。 神社の絵馬、美術館や飲食店に置かれたノートにメッセージを残し、地域に自己の存在を刻み残したことはありますか。 時を経てその地を訪れ、過去の自分が地域に残した言葉から、地域とのつながりをほのかに感じる。 そんなノスタルジックな体験を、デジタル時代のテクノロジーを用いて再構築します。あなたがスマートフォンに文字を打ち込むと、その言葉が遠く離れた町に切り出され舞い降りることで、あなたの言葉がその地域に新しい魅力や文化を生み出します。 言葉と景色の組み合わせは百者百様。 願い、祈り、告白、ぼやき、メモ、だじゃれ。独り言からメッセージまで、あなたの自由な言葉とつくる新たな景色。 人と地域を言葉でつなぎ、新たな関係性を産み落とすプロジェクトに、あなたも参加してみませんか? As people are able to complete many aspects of their daily lives, such as work and meals, from the comfort of their own homes, digital technology may accelerate the trend toward replacing the extraordinary experience of returning home, sightseeing, and other distant places. In a future where physical travel is decreasing and "connections between people and communities" are growing weaker, we ask the question of what new forms of relationships will emerge. Have you ever left a message on an ema (votive tablet) at a shrine, or in a notebook at a museum or restaurant, and left an imprint of your presence in the community? When you visit a place over time, you can faintly feel a connection with the community through the words you have left for it in the past. This nostalgic experience is reconstructed using the technology of the digital age. When you type words into your smartphone, those words are cut out of a faraway town and land in the air, and your words create a new attraction and culture in that region. The combination of words and scenery varies from person to person. Wishes, prayers, confessions, blurbs, memos, jokes. From soliloquies to messages, your free words and the new scenery you create. Why don't you join us in this project to connect people and communities with words and create new relationships?

  • Project Owner, Designer:Shadovitz Micheal(Panasonic, FUTURE LIFE FACTORY)
  • Project Owner, Design Engineer:Daichi Kawashima(Panasonic, FUTURE LIFE FACTORY)
  • Creative Director:Ryosuke Yoshitomi(McCann Tokyo, McCann Alphα)
  • Producer:Mitsuyo Demura(Konel)
  • Creative Technologist:Atsuro Miyako(Konel)
  • Designer:Maiko Higuchi (Freelance)
  • Technical Director:Hironao Kato(MagnaRecta)
  • Frontend Engineer:Maika Tomari(Konel)
  • Movie Director:Masaki Ueda(Freelance)
  • Craft Builder:Sumio Aizawa(SUMAR WORKS)
  • Coordinator:Naohiro Miyaguchi(BnA)