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エモいガチャ Emotional Candy Machine

盛り上がりの、倍々ゲーム Uprush of excitement

AI / Device / Frontend / Communication Design / Product

Official Site https://emoi-gatya.com/

This candy machine detects the atmosphere of the place from the voice, and a piece of candy appears when the atmosphere is heated.
Empath's real-time analysis makes it possible to visualize the excitement of the place, and when the threshold is exceeded, the lever is turned.
It accelerates the excitement in the meeting, and there is a possibility to extract members who are good at enlivening the meeting by converting the results into data.

  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura
  • Hardware Engineer : Dao Minh An
  • Software Engineer : Phan Nhat Khoa
  • Creative Technologist : Kenji Jones
  • Technical Director : Yasuhiro Ogino
  • Creative Director : Dai Miyata
  • Frontend Engineer + Animation + Designer : Takashi Shirae
  • Assistant Designer : Hiroto Saito
  • AI Engine by Empath Inc.