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Delivering a wish at a distance Delivering a wish at a distance

Device / Backend

Official Site https://tech.panasonic.com/jp/auglab/ideas/cheerphone.html

We were in charge of prototyping for the wearable device "CHEERPHONE" which delivers voice to remote locations.
It consists of two devices: the master device with a microphone and the remote device with a speaker and light-emitting diode (LED).
The voice input from the master device is delivered to the remote device, which plays back the voice while lighting up.

  • Producer : Mitsuyo Demura
  • Creative Technologist : Kenji Jones
  • Creative Engineer : Toru Takata
  • Hardware Engieer : Keita Akiyama (Freelancer)
  • Project Leader : Thoshio Mochida (Panasonic)